Message Center and Accessory Display

Message Center and Accessory Display

Brooke, The Crafting Chicks

This project is both functional and creative. Any dorm room, bedroom or mudroom can benefit from a Message Center and Accessory Display - what a great way to add some color and personality to your small space.

Materials needed:


  • 1. To create a colorful magnetic message board and accessory organizer, you’ll first need to purchase a magnet board from a craft store. If desired, paint the frame of the magnet board.

  • step 1
  • 2. To prepare the magnet board for paint, lightly sand the surface with a sanding block or sandpaper. Wipe clean with a cloth.

  • step 2
  • 3. Paint the magnet board with the desired paint color, and let dry.

  • step 3
  • 4. Next, apply the clear chalkboard coating onto the painted magnet board. This is a clear varnish that you paint on any surface to turn it into a chalkboard and can be purchased at craft stores. Use the foam brush to apply one coat vertically onto the surface, and then another coat horizontally. Let the paint dry one hour between coats, and then cure for 24 hours.

  • step 4
  • 5. Season or condition the surface by lightly rubbing chalk over the entire magnet board.

  • step 5
  • 6. Clean the wall surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.

  • step 6
  • 7. Remove the Command™ Picture Hanging Strips from the package and separate each strip. To form a set, connect two strips together until you hear a click.

    TIP: If using large strips, two sets of strips is required for a board up to four pounds and four sets will hold up to sixteen pounds.

  • step 7
  • 8. Remove one green liner and position one set of strips on the back of the board Press the strip firmly against the back of the board. Repeat with the remaining strips needed to hang the message board.

  • step 8
  • 9. Remove the remaining green liners from the strips adhered to the back of the board. Position the message board on the wall, and press the front of the board against the wall for 30 seconds.

  • step 9
  • 10. Remove the message board by grabbing at the bottom corners and pulling up and out towards you. Wait one full hour before remounting to the wall.

  • step10
  • 11. To remount the message board, align the strips on the back of the board to the strips on the wall. Press firmly against the wall until you hear a click to ensure the frames are securely mounted.

  • step 11
  • 12. To attach the Command™ Shower Caddy, first attach the four mounting bases by sliding them onto the back of the caddy from the bottom until they snap into place. Then, remove the red liners from the adhesive strips and press one strip to each mounting base firmly. Remove the black “wall side” liners and position and press the caddy against the message board for five seconds.

  • step 12
  • 13. For maximum holding strength, slide the caddy up to remove it from the base, and press firmly against the top, middle and bottom of each base for 30 seconds. Wait one hour, and then slide the caddy back onto the bases until it snaps into place.

  • step 13
  • 14. Use the caddy to organize mail, hold pens and pencils, or even a small wallet or phone, keeping in mind that it can hold up to 7.5 pounds.

  • step 14
  • 15. Remember to wait at least seven days after painting the message board before adding Command™ Hooks. Before adding the hooks, clean the door surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry.

  • step 15
  • 16. Take the hooks and adhesive strips out of the packaging, and detach the strips from one another. Remove black “wall side” liner and apply strip to the desired location on the message board. Press firmly along the entire strip for 30 seconds.

  • step 16
  • 17. Remove blue liner, and apply the hook to the adhesive strip. Make sure the tab is accessible at the bottom of the hook for future removal.

  • step 17
  • 18. Press firmly along the entire hook for 30 seconds. Wait one hour before hanging any items from the hook.

    Repeat steps 9-11 for each of the hooks you want to hang on your message board.

  • step 18
  • 19. To hang a Command™ Quartz Terrace Hook, remove the red liner from the adhesive strip and press firmly to the back of the hook.

    Remove the black liner from the adhesive strip and press the hook firmly to the wall for 30 seconds. For maximum holding strength, slide the hook up and of the wall, and press the base to the wall firmly for 30 seconds.

    Slide the hook back onto the base and wait one hour before hanging items. To hang a small, lightweight mirror, thread a ribbon through the back hanger of the mirror and hang from the Terrace Hook.

    Repeat step 19 to hang Command™ Quartz Double Hook. Use one Double Hook to hold a small, lightweight metal bucket to hold chalk for the message board.

  • step 19
  • 20. Add desired accessories onto other Command™  Hooks, such as sunglasses, ear buds, jewelry, keys, and more. Use magnets to keep important notices in sight and top of mind. Enjoy having your important things in one spot, easy to grab on your way out the door!

  • step 20
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