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Connecting material solutions to xEV battery challenges.

An inside-out approach to electric vehicles


Solutions where the future begins

You might say that xEV batteries are in a state of flux: every day, we strive to meet emerging challenges related to higher voltages, greater power density and longer battery life. For thermal runaway, electrical isolation, assembly and more, the solutions that 3M provides begin where they are the most vital and cost-effective: with each battery cell. From this elemental perspective, we are creating materials that address swelling, pressure, electrical failure and other growing challenges in xEV battery cells. We are constantly testing new solutions, gathering new data, and generating ideas for - literally - the future of EV batteries.

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    Electrical isolation

    A safe and efficient battery pack must be well-isolated at every cell. That means the right balance of electrical and thermal properties for each cell casing. It means complete, uniform coverage across cells and modules. It also means durability - resistance to impact, abrasion and high temperatures for the life of the xEV battery.

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    Thermal runaway

    We’re helping you solve some of the biggest thermal runaway propagation challenges. We test our materials based on real-world conditions during a thermal event: particulates, shear, compression, flame rating and more. That means holistic solutions for each cell, every module and the entire pack.

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    As the market shifts from ICE to xEV, the opportunities grow - and so do the challenges. What used to be the most cost-effective ways to manufacture automobiles don’t apply. Now you’re producing electric batteries, from the cells outward. A strong, knowledgeable partner in xEV battery materials can help. That partner is 3M.

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    Cell swelling

    Demand for energy density is increasing, and chemistries are changing. The next generation of xEV battery cells will be subject to greater heat - and more swelling. Keeping battery assemblies solid, not to mention maintaining consistent thermal and electrical performance, requires experts in materials science. Let’s get together.

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A holistic approach to battery design

The power starts here - electrical isolation, thermal runaway propagation management and more, for today and for the future.

3M solutions for xEV battery cells

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    Electrical powder resins

    This is flexibility: our electrically insulating resins can meet a wide range of specific requirements including dielectric strength, adhesion to specific substrates and resistance to high temperatures. For complete and consistent coverage, our fusion-bonded resins are electrostatically applied and rapid heat-cured to form tough, durable coatings in places where tapes may not reach on EV battery casings. Resins are thermally cured and applied prior to assembly of the cell.

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    Semi-structural insulating tapes (SSITs)

    Our range of SSITs far exceed the bond strength of standard PSAs. Our latest film tapes with UV-initiated adhesive are excellent for cell isolation as they do not require heat or pressure for cure. They can be incorporated into existing PSA assembly processes with relatively minor modifications. They can be used along with thermal set tapes for module walls and pack lining, and in place of them for cooling plate applications. We’ll work with you to build the right solution within your assembly process.

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    Thermal runaway propagation materials

    For your designs, you can choose from a wide range of 3M™ Flexible Insulation solutions that help address extremely high temperatures during thermal runaway propagation events. These solutions also provide dielectric strength. For what’s upcoming, we are happy to collaborate with you - developing and testing materials that protect against pressure, grit, adhesive failures and a host of other conditions likely to occur in tomorrow’s high-voltage and high-energy-density xEV batteries.

  • 3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430
    ​3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430

    3M™ Fluorosurfactant FC-4430 is a hydrophilic additive with a high molecular weight, is nonionic, and reduces surface tension of coating slurry to improve wetting without the addition of other pretreatments at low dosage levels. It can be used as a wetting and leveling agent in battery separator slurry coatings, battery surfactant in electrolytes, and battery surfactant in Si alloy anodes.

  • 3M™ Dyneon™ PFA
    3M™ Dyneon™ PFA

    3M™ Dyneon™ PFA has exceptional chemical resistance, high heat resistance, and excellent electrical properties. Available in both FLEX and ultra high purity (UHP) grades, PFA is the material of choice for terminal gaskets and seals.​

xEV battery resources for today, tomorrow, and what comes next

  • cover image of electrical insulation article
    Electrical insulation

    Lithium-ion battery packs will decrease in size and weight, yet voltage and energy density will increase to meet new targets for power, range, and fast-charging. What options does the industry have to maintain sufficient electrical isolation for battery cells? Find out about the existing and new avenues in electrical isolation 3M has been testing and developing.

  • thermal runaway and fire propagation prevention article photo
    Thermal runaway propagation solutions

    As part of a holistic approach to xEV battery solutions, we believe that resistance to flame and heat is just part of the testing landscape. At 3M we study what truly happens during a thermal event: compression, particulates, shear, dielectric strength and more. Learn how our material-level testing methods and application screening tools can help your battery cell designs.

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    Discover more 3M xEV battery solutions

    At 3M, the cell is just the start. We are always testing and producing new solutions for xEV batteries - thermal interface materials, battery sealants, structural adhesives, cushioning materials, adhesive tapes and others, from the cell to the module, the pack, the vehicle and finally the road. Check out what we have for xEV batteries, today and for the future.

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