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Use Tape That Respects the Planet

Still marking your facility with paint or traditional vinyl tape? 3M has solutions that are durable and earth-friendly.

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    Liquid Paint Disposal

    Liquid paint is used extensively in factories and warehouses. While it’s durable, it also has many drawbacks, including cost, inconvenience and the environmental impact of leftover paint. Not only must the paint be disposed of properly, but also the solvents typically used to clean brushes and pans.

    One way to avoid this liquid disposal challenge is to use 100% solid products whenever possible. You can mark floor, walls and pipes with tapes, which are not only simple to use but don’t require special disposal.

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    Even if your facility doesn’t have an environmental policy, your customers may have one. They appreciate when you use earth-friendly products in your manufacturing. It may even give you a competitive advantage that wins you additional business.

    3M™ Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape 971 has an environmentally conscious, plant-based backing called PLA (Polylactic Acid). The thick PLA backing provides top-tier durability while using fewer fossil fuels than traditional petroleum-based vinyl tapes. Using 3M 971 tape is an easy way to show customers that you respect our planet.


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    Tape Waste

    Many floor marking tapes wear out quickly. This not only creates extra labor to change out the tape but large amounts of wasted tape as well. Durable tapes like 3M 471 and 971 are specially designed for long-term use. And longer-lasting tape means fewer changes, which leads to less trash and waste.

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