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Improve Patient Comfort and Brand Perception with Facility Updates

  • When you walk into a store that feels run-down or outdated, you’re less likely to return. The same goes for hospitals and clinics. An updated, clean space contributes to a positive patient experience, leading to loyal customers and brand advocates. Recent studies indicate that someone referred by friends or family is 18 percent more loyal than a non-referred patient.1 Because of this, healthcare groups are increasingly focused on the patient perception of their facilities, knowing it can have significant impact on their bottom line.

    For hospitals, the challenge is making the necessary updates while minimizing the associated costs and downtime to create an environment that positively impacts patients and visitors. Ultimately, updates within a healthcare setting can help alleviate the stress of medical treatment, make patients feel more at ease and contribute to a complete recovery.

Identifying Areas for Updates

  • Any space a visitor interacts with, from patient rooms to lobbies, should be visually pleasing and help them feel comfortable. A few key areas that may be opportunities for a refresh include:

    • Worn surfaces. Well-used countertops, cabinets and other fixtures in rooms can hinder the patient experience.
    • Waiting rooms and discharge lounges. As the first and last touchpoints for patients, these can solidify a lasting perception of the facility.
    • High traffic entrances. Many people pass through the entries, so maintaining an updated look on the walls, glass and floors can make a strong first impression.
    • Interior walls and doors. As patient beds and medical carts are moved throughout a healthcare facility, walls and doors are often bumped into and scratched, causing visible signs of wear-and-tear.

Reducing Downtime

  • There are various surfaces in a patient room that can easily look worn and outdated, such as over bed tables and interior fixtures. While taking patient rooms out of commission for interior updates can be a costly endeavor, there are ways to reduce downtime.

    Utilizing products that are easy and quick to install will help get rooms up and running, faster. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes, for example, can be applied over existing surfaces such as cabinets and walls. The films are available in a variety of modern patterns like wood grain and marble to give a new, contemporary look to outdated materials. By refinishing existing cabinets, hospitals will save on the time and cost to replace the cabinetry and keep the old materials out of a landfill.

    Faster remodel turnarounds lessen the impact of downtime in patient rooms and save on the labor of long-term renovations.

Interiors Speak Volumes

  • When a hospital appears to be outdated, this can reflect poorly on a health system’s brand. By modernizing a space, positive branding will be reinforced. Even minimal touches can have a lasting power. Color, texture, and natural light are always reliable design components that can revitalize a room or corridor.

    Glass finishes are also an impactful, economical way to add sophistication and privacy within a hospital. Decorative window and glass films, like the 3M™ FASARA™ collection, are easy to apply and deliver an impressive element of aesthetics, function, and security.

    It’s important to remember the patient experience goes beyond these visible elements. Installing 3M™ Sun Control Window Film is another way to extend patient comfort by lowering UV light and reflectivity, while allowing the natural light. These films also result in energy savings for your facility and are virtually invisible.

    Patients and visitors often connect the look and feel of the facility with the hospital’s capabilities. With the right solutions, it’s possible to refresh a space that maintains patient room occupancy with less downtime and positively impacts the reputation of the hospital.

    To get started on your facility updates, contact a 3M sales representative.

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