3M™ Firestop Management System

Improving fire barrier management is a critical component of any healthcare facility. The 3M™ Firestop Management System is a flexible fire protection program designed to help you take control of your entire fire barrier management process – from managing new construction projects to the review of current facility conditions. The Firestop Management System allows significant user configurations and is scalable to accommodate other life safety applications – giving you a fast and easy-to-use management tool for facility managers and their teams.

As your trusted brand and life safety partner, 3M proudly provides:

  • A comprehensive line of passive fire protection products, designed for a wide range of listed installations.
  • Technical expertise, installer/facility training and ongoing customer service.
  • Cost-effective solutions for more accurate data management and improved contractor coordination.
  • Help providing critical information and quality installations needed for your Statement of Conditions.
  • Proven 3M firestopping technology that helps you meet building code requirements and pass Joint Commission and other critical life safety inspections.
  • Experts to tailor a fire protection software program for your specific healthcare facility requirements.

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CMO Compliance

CMO Compliance is the leading risk management software provider for health, safety, environments and quality solutions – trusted by 350,000 users around the world.

  • Firestop Management System software for healthcare

    Firestop management is a critical component of any facility. CMO COMPLIANCE™ Audit, Risk and Compliance Software is a flexible program designed to help you take control of your entire firestop management process — improving bottom line performance and helping ensure your facility meets all building and life safety codes and requirements as well as passing inspections. It is designed with ease of use as a focal point, yet incredibly powerful to give Facility Managers seamless control over the configuration.

    • Integrates with Microsoft® Outlook®
    • Mobile reporting available for tablets and smartphones
    • Flexible, configurable workflow can be
    • tailored to your facility’s specific needs
    • Automatic reminders
    • Replaces paper and spreadsheets
    • Reports and dashboards
    • Easy-access document library
    • No proprietary equipment needed


  • Fire Protection Products for Health Care

    Effective firestopping solutions help save lives, while protecting equipment and property. 3M's full line of fire protection products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet applicable life safety codes. Best of all, 3M stands behind these products with best-in-class professional service and technical support every step of the way. We offer a complete line of fire protection products to help you meet building and life safety code requirements:
    Through penetration and construction joint firestops with fire ratings up to 4 hours
    Flexible wraps to help protect grease and ventilation air ducts, structural steel and electrical circuitry

    Web-Based Applications
    3M offers several web-based applications for contractors and facility managers to help take the guesswork out of the installation process. The 3M™ Firestop Management System simplifies ongoing firestop maintenance by giving you facility-wide control and monitoring capabilities at your fingertips with our proprietary fire protection software.

    Additional online tools developed for ease of use and enhanced functionality:

  • 3M offers a wide range of customizable solutions designed to enhance your fire barrier management process and to help you meet building and life safety codes as well as pass Joint Commission and other critical inspections (including DNV, Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services (CMS), State Survey Agencies). Specific features help healthcare facilities pass Joint Commission and other key life safety inspections, including:

    • Security - Administrator, Supervisor and Contractor roles of responsibility
    • Managing Contractors (monitor contractor access, locations and projects; issue contractors' worksite permits to track worker access, project location and critical information through daily building passes)
    • Generating Reports for firestop system inventory and contractor status
    • Defining customer needs (review existing conditions)
    • Creating Drawings on Plans
    • Photos & Documents - documentation support and retention (As-Built Binder or FMS reports) including the ability to upload and maintain library of operational files such as such as life safety drawings, policies and procedures for staff and contractor use; plus the ability to store, view and attach photos or documents for reference or inspecition purposes
    • Technical Support (including Engineering Judgments)
    • Fire Barrier System Management down to every building, room, floor and wall (implementation and on-going support)
    • Facility Auditing & Data - building, floor/smoke compartment, room/description, grid, hourly rating
    • Control Questions - coordinate/comply with relevant facility departments such as Infection Control, Life Safety Management and Facilities Engineering.
    • Warning Labels - automated generation of fire barrier warning labels with the click of a mouse, including barcode reference.
    • Permit Report & Installations Reports - readily generate reports for firestop systems inventory and contractor status for easy inspections.
    • Joint Commission Inspection Support (via trained 3M FPP representatives)
    • Reference your facilities-specified 3M firestopping systems, products and documentation.

    3M™ Submittal Wizard

    3M™ Professional Firestop Training

    3M™ Firestop System Selector

    Value-add Solutions

    From providing documentation for capital funding projects to assisting in the preparation of your Statement of Conditions (SOC), 3M offers the support and tools needed to help facilitate virtually every step of fire barrier management in new or renovation construction. We also help existing facilities implement and maintain a fire barrier program for ongoing life safety compliance and project control.

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