Body-in-White vehicle interior

Bonding Dissimilar Material Solutions for Body-in-White


The Latest Science for the Latest Bonds in BIW

Developing specialized adhesives and serving automotive OEMs and Tier suppliers have defined 3M for decades. As more and newer materials become part of the automotive landscape, we invite you to talk with us about how to bond them.

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    Structural Adhesive Liquids

    Our structural adhesive liquids allow for reinforcement and, in certain applications, replacement of mechanical fasteners. They can be applied quickly and efficiently and provide flexible working times. They are heat-cured to structural strength at variable rates, using established OEM processes, so there's usually no need to add process steps for adhesive cure. Many 3M structural adhesives are formulated for longer storage and lower cure temperatures (room temperature to induction curing at temperatures as low as 80°C), ideal for bonding materials like carbon fiber without distortion or resin degradation. 

    Many of our two-part epoxy structural adhesives are available in Duo-Pak cartridge and bulk containers and can be applied with 3M application equipment that allows for precise, consistent mix ratios and minimal product waste.

    • 3M™ Structural Adhesive SA9820
      Formulated for increased design flexibility in automotive OEM applications, this two-part epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding carbon composites. It cures at low temperatures and can achieve the same mechanical performance of 1K, even on oily metals. Bonded substructures can be stored up to two months before full e-coat/paint cycle curing.
    • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy Adhesive DP460
      This toughened, two-part epoxy adhesive provides heat and chemical resistance for automotive applications. It mixes at 2:1 and provides a 60-minute working time, allowing for positioning of either substrate. It reaches handling strength in about four hours.
    • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ DP490
      This toughened, two-part epoxy provides good strength along with high impact and fatigue resistance. The mix ratio is 2:1 and provides a 20-minute work life, allowing time to adjust for desired fit prior to curing. It can withstand paint bake operations up to 400°F for 60 minutes.
    • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Urethane Adhesive DP620NS
      Our two-part, polyurethane-based structural adhesive is ideal for applications requiring low-temperature flexibility. It mixes at 1:1 and provides a 20-minute work life, allowing for positioning of either substrate. It reaches handling strength in about four hours.

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    Structural Adhesive Tapes

    The power of 3M structural adhesives in a tape format makes for added precision where clean, complete application is critical, such as in BIW areas where corrosion is a main concern. These structural adhesive tapes improve quality by reducing variability of application and can bond to a variety of metal substrates. They also expand during cure to fill gaps, which can help reduce warranty claims in some applications. The tapes allow for efficient processing and assembly, especially for bonding long, thin areas where the use of mechanical fasteners such as spot welds or rivets has traditionally required extra time and labor.

    • 3M™ Structural Adhesive Tape SAT1010
      3M™ Structural Adhesive Tape SAT1010 is ideal for structural bonding strength, sealing and isolation for body, metal closures and dissimilar metals. It features an expandable, structural epoxy formulated for steel and aluminum substrates. The tape expands and cures in e-coat cure ovens to fill and seal. It provides clean, repeatable application without the variability of many liquid adhesives.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.