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  • When automotive design meets the road itself, it’s critical that everything holds together, works together and performs flawlessly. That means more than just the suspension joints, wheel drums, brake systems and stamped metal parts that make up your designs. It means the solutions you choose need to perform their best. For decades, 3M has created and developed solutions for the areas where high performance is crucial during automotive chassis design and manufacturing – bonding, power density, heat transfer, acoustics, wheel weight distribution and many others. 3M solutions help your designs express themselves best where it matters the most – on the road.

Securing critical joints in the chassis with 3M™ Friction Shims

  • Metal foil Friction Shims are excellent for strengthening and stabilizing connections in automotive chassis applications. An electroless nickel matrix is coated with partially embedded diamonds that “bite” into the opposing surfaces between two components, creating a microform fit. Friction Shims can increase friction up to 5x in bolted joints, allowing for much higher performance without increasing the number of fasteners or assembly size. They are excellent as a design-in solution or as a “quick fix” during testing.

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3M™ Wheel Weights for Automotive Manufacturers

Attain precision tire and wheel balancing in your assembly with 3M™ Wheel Weights using our OEM-approved, PACE Award-winning process.

Lead-free 3M wheel weights, combined with Esys Automation's AutoW8t System, represent a leap forward in tire assembly and wheel balancing, dramatically improving the speed, quality and cost of OEM high-speed tire balancing processes.

Level-wound rolls of 3M™ Wheel Weights along with the automated equipment offer:

  • Reduced inventory and overall systems cost.
  • Potential for reduced residual imbalance in the wheel assembly, reducing the number of balance rejects.
  • Elimination of the chance of picking the incorrect weight from the bin.
  • Reduce complexity with the 3M™ Wheel weight system

    Esys Automation's AutoW8t System is designed to use level-wound rolls of 3M™ Wheel Weights in high-speed, high-volume environments, like automotive assemble plants, with exacting specifications. View the videos to the right to see demonstrations of the fully automated AutoW8t System or the semi-automated Dispense and Cut System.

Featured Resources

  • Video for wheel weight installation
    Wheel Weight Installation

    In under four minutes, this video demonstrates the benefits of 3M™ Wheel Weights combined with semi and fully automated installation equipment.

  • This quick-reference, four-page brochure provides features and benefits of 3M™ Wheel Weight material. It includes ordering info for the material and for a related accessories and equipment.


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