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3M Acoustic Management Solutions

Learn more about how you can put one of the world’s iconic brands to work for acoustic absorption in your automotive designs.


Sound Solutions for Automotive NVH

As the future of automotive design continues to evolve, sound – in volume and quality – becomes as important as appearance and functionality. At 3M, we have spent decades helping effectively managing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in your automotive designs without adding weight. And our solutions have never been stronger. Through our Thinsulate™ brand we continue improving sound insulation and absorption nearly anywhere on the vehicle, including engine-side and other high-temperature applications. Our 3M™ Thinsulate™ High Temperature Acoustic Absorber HT Series can be molded into barrier solutions for firewalls and engine-side applications. And our 3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1000 Series is cleaner, easier to apply and delivers comparable performance to traditional constrained layer damping material, at half the weight. If this sounds good to you, we invite you to hear more. Explore now.

The Sound of Great Design

3M packs a lot of performance into each of our acoustic management solutions, while also keeping them very light. We can help you optimize the NVH package to minimize part size and cost. That means you can use them in many more places on the vehicle without adding weight. Here is a quick guide to which 3M solutions work best, wherever on the vehicle you’re working.

Featured Product: 3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1000 Series

  • 3M™ Engineered Damping Material on a panel

    A true advancement in in managing automotive NVH: our 3M Engineering Damping Material features low-density engineered stem web construction that optimizes damping performance, allowing for equal performance from smaller parts. It is half the weight of comparable CLD materials across the same area. Our adhesive-backed material won’t delaminate even at high temperatures. It is an excellent choice for vertical and overhead applications such as roofs and doors, as well as trunks, floors, rear wheel arches, spare tire areas and other irregular surfaces. Learn more:

    3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1016, 1.6 mm, Aluminum

    3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1029, 2.9 mm, Aluminum

Sound Management in Motion

What makes 3M Engineered Damping Material better? Watch this short video demonstration on how the construction of the material results in greater energy loss factors vs. butyl and bitumen.

3M™ Engineered Damping Material
A True Advancement in NVH Management

3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1000 Series is a lightweight, high-performance alternative to Al butyl CLD and bitumen for acoustic vibration damping.

Related Products

  • The TC Series features high loft, low density and excellent compressibility in a wide range of thicknesses. It is ideal for cavity filling, especially in designs where mass reduction is important. Use it for pillars, headliners, body side trim panels and more.

  • This range of acoustic insulation solutions is designed for sound absorption at higher frequencies. Much of the AU Series features a double black scrim for structural integrity and for maintaining aesthetics when the installed material may be partially visible.


Need Help Finding the Right NVH Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.