Protect your workers from metal fabrication health hazards

Having the right reusable respiratory products go a long way in ensuring your workers can breathe easy. Whether it is welding or gouging, let us keep your workers safe regardless of metal fabrication application or work environment.

Find the right reusable respirator for your business:

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  • * How are the ventilation conditions at your environment?
  • * What is your common industrial activity?
  • * Which material do you commonly work with?
  • * What is your primary metalworking method?
  • * How many PPE users do you have?


  • • LEV refers to local exhaust ventilation without oxygen deficiency (<19.5%)
  • • General ventilation refers to windows opened and/or fan switched on without oxygen deficiency (<19.5%)
  • • For restricted space (confined space) definition, please refer to the DOSH Industry Code of Practice
  • • Recommended respirators must never be used in atmospheres Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH). Please contact 3M at or 03-7884 2990 for more information
  • • 3M accepts no liability for the incorrect choice of respiratory protective equipment as this selector is only a guide and workplace hazards may vary. If in doubt, please contact 3M at or 03-7884 2990 for more information

Here are the recommended reusable respirator products for your work environment:

[Ventilation condition], [Material], [Primary metalworking method]

Better comfort and higher productivity option

Value-optimised option

Selecting the right products for a large team can be complex. Let us help you.

We have years of experience helping companies make the right choice in respiratory products. Don’t compromise your workers’ safety and let 3M experts help you make an informed decision today.

Your complex environment needs deeper expertise.

Due to the high risk involved in the selected work process and environment, you need a product that fits your requirements. Let 3M experts help you make the right choice in providing optimal respiratory protection for your workers.

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