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3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resins for xEV Battery

3M™ Scotchcast™ Powder Resins are a series of one-part, 100-percent-solid electrical-grade thermosetting polymers that add dielectric breakdown strength to critical xEV battery components.


These resins form tough, protective films that deliver the right levels of thermal and mechanical shock resistance, chemical and moisture resistance, isolation and flexibility right where you need them in xEV battery components such as module and cell housings. Epoxy-based powder resins are fusion bonded and formulated to help meet specific electrical and mechanical performance requirements. They apply easily, conform precisely and cure rapidly to properly prepared carbon steel, aluminum and copper.

Key benefits for xEV battery assembly and production

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    A full range of application methods

    Scotchcast fusion bonded epoxy is compatible with a full range of application methods, including hot fluid bed dip, hot venturi spray, electrostatic spray and electrostatic fluid bed.

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    No mixing and cures in minutes

    There is no pot life because there is no mixing. Powder resins feature fast gel times (typically under 60 seconds) and cure in minutes to a tough, consistent film coating that’s ready for use and can save significant space compared to paper wrap insulation.

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    Easily conforms to complex shapes

    Unlike insulating papers, these epoxy-based resins easily conform to complex geometric shapes to provide uniform dielectric integrity.

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    Faster, more precise battery cell isolation

    Electrical insulating resins apply very uniformly and completely, inside or outside of the naked cell casing. They also bond more quickly and closely vs. tapes or other solutions which are typically applied after cells are filled.

Key benefits for xEV battery lifespan and durability

  • Help improve thermal conductivity

    Cured resins create a conformal, homogenous, thin film coating that can help improve thermal conductivity when compared to alternate solutions. 3M delivers a full range of solutions to meet exacting requirements for toughness and dielectric strength throughout the life of the battery.

  • The components for a complete cure

    All Scotchcast powder resins are manufactured by a fusion blend process that insures that each individual particle of powder contains the components for a complete cure. Scotchcast fusion bonded epoxy creates a strong adhesive bond to the substrate and cures to form a hard and durable coating.

Key considerations for design engineers

With this range of epoxy-based electrical resins, 3M allows xEV battery designers more freedom to create components of differing sizes, shapes and configurations. Flow characteristics from high to low help ensure complete, thorough insulation and protection -- even in hard-to-reach areas.

  • Current Applications

    3M™ Scotchcast™ Powder Resins, including our 260, 262, 263 and 5230N solutions, are well-known and widely used in automotive, electrical construction and maintenance, industrial power distribution, and other industries. Multiple applications include the insulation of welded end turns on xEV drive motors, battery cooling plates, battery cell housings and bus bars.

  • Performance Data

    Scotchcast powder resins have a high dielectric breakdown strength and high operating temperatures. Many of these coatings are recognized as the primary electrical insulation in UL 1446 insulation systems up to UL Class H (180).

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