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3M Electrical Isolation Films for xEV Battery

  • The company that invented electrical tape now offers a wide range of advanced insulating films for today’s critical xEV battery applications from packs to individual cells. All of our 3M electrical film tapes are designed for excellent mechanical resistance and dielectric strength. Our selection can meet specifications across broad temperature ranges, electrical grades and substrates. Films include fabric, epoxy, polyester, polyimide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and others. Adhesives include rubber, epoxy, acrylic and silicone. Many are pressure-sensitive, and some can be activated for semi-structural strength by heat or without heat by UV light. 3M provides electrical isolation films for battery designs today, and for the exciting future of electric vehicles.

Key benefits for xEV battery assembly and production

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    Minimizes rework

    Our selection of xEV battery electrical film tapes has benefits built in for easy and efficient assembly. Our epoxy film tapes are designed to require fewer wraps to meet dielectric requirements compared to standard tapes with reinforced backing. They also resist solders and punctures to help reduce rework. Many of our films are designed for resistance to cut-through, edge tear and abrasion.

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    Performs in high temperatures

    PTFE and glass cloth film tapes minimize shrinkage across a wide range of temperatures. Rubber, acrylic and silicone adhesives accommodate high-temperature thermosetting processes, limit adhesive transfer and are compatible with epoxy and urethane resins.

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    Customized to meet your needs

    3M tapes are available in a range of dimensions. They can be customized to meet specific OEM needs, combined with other 3M materials and are easily processed.

Key considerations for design engineers

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    Durability under harsh conditions and unpredictable climates

    Our tapes and films for electrical insulation are designed to hold up under the harsh conditions and unpredictable climates that xEV batteries can encounter from assembly through the life of the vehicle. PTFE and composite film tapes are designed to resist cut-through, edge tear, chemicals and abrasion. PVC-backed vinyl tapes resist moisture, UV rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalis and acids. Solutions such as 3M glass cloth and polyimide film tapes resist very high temperatures. Many of our adhesives also resist high temperatures, solvents and chemicals for reliable long-term bonds.

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    Designed for any challenge

    Essentially, these electrical insulation and isolation materials are tapes – high-performance adhesives combined with a range of film carriers. Yet in many xEV battery applications where electrical isolation is critical, they can be properly regarded as adhesive films. 3M offers them in a broad selection of thicknesses and widths for consistent coverage. even across large, flat areas. They deliver multiple combinations of strength, flame retardancy, chemical resistance, adhesion and more for design flexibility. They are also excellent for use in test environments for prototyping, design and troubleshooting.

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