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3M™ Friction Shims for xEV Battery

3M friction shims can make existing designs more efficient, securing bolted connections in xEV battery mounting without adding size or significant weight


3M™ Friction Shims: up to 5x increased protection against shear forces

Ultra-thin, compact, highly reproducible and tailored to customers designs, our friction shims consist of a nickel coated steel substrate with partially embedded diamonds. When placed between two components in a bolted connection, the diamonds “bite” into the surface of each component to create a microform fit. This significantly increases friction between the two parts, strengthening and stabilizing the connection.​

Our Friction Shims protect bolted joints against higher shear loads. This is especially critical in electrified vehicles, which are heavier compared to traditional vehicles. They can preserve and strengthen bolted joints in e-coated chassis, battery mounts, and many other places throughout the vehicle. 3M offers friction shims in customer specific geometries to meet application needs.

What are friction shims and how do they work video

Key lifespan and durability benefits for the xEV battery

  • product shot of friction shims
  • Added strength and securement for xEV battery mounting systems

    3M friction shims enable more secure xEV battery mounting for bolt-on applications and can help reduce NVH, which can contribute to battery failure over time. They are a simple way to add strength and longevity to e-battery mounting systems and contribute to the lifetime performance of the batteries themselves.

Millions of applications worldwide

There are currently millions of 3M friction shims in automobiles worldwide. Excellent for secured fixation of jointed connections, our friction shims deliver strong, reliable performance in automotive mounting applications. 3M friction shims can provide an efficient solution for existing designs without adding size or significant weight. As a design-in solution, friction shims can help create a durable, long-lasting battery mount, saving tooling costs.


For more information about your specific application connect with a 3M expert to discuss our xEV battery solutions.