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3M Thermally Conductive Liquid Gap Fillers for xEV Battery


Our portfolio of thermally conductive, silicone- and isocyanate-free liquid gap fillers help automotive OEMs with xEV battery applications achieve their goal of $100/kWh by reducing process cost and production time for xEV battery packs and extending battery life.

Key benefits for xEV battery assembly and production

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    Designed specifically for xEV battery applications
    • Thixotropic fluid ensures complete module coverage, prevents excessive stress in finished parts, and avoids air entrapment and the associated re-work
    • Colored material allows for an immediate quality check during mixing
    • These chemically tunable liquid gap fillers are available with semi-structural strength, or for low or no adhesion so they can be peeled off for easy reworkability
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    Efficiency in automation
    • With a mixing ratio of 1:1, these thermally conductive liquid gap fillers make for a robust process that uses the same interchangeable machine parts for all equipment
    • They apply at room temperature with no pre-heating of equipment and tubes for reduced time and energy expenses
    • 3M thermally conductive liquid gap fillers support fully automated dispensing with high throughput
    • Form-in-place curing eliminates processing and die-cutting and accommodates large and exacting tolerance stack requirements
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    Enabling supply chain flexibility
    • Two-component (2K) material can be transported without refrigeration and delivers a long shelf life
    • It is mixed at the point of application, which helps reduce waste and eliminates the need to circulate each part before use
    • Instead of multiple products, order one solution to meet a wide range of specifications

A liquid gap filler for every need

3M thermally conductive liquid gap fillers are highly flexible solutions for consistent thermal conductivity, high insulation and effective electrical isolation. Chemically tunable liquid gap fillers can be specified to highlight every important characteristic you need.

Our liquid gap fillers are suitable for various model platforms, uneven surfaces, and thicknesses. 3M works with major leading dispensing equipment manufacturers worldwide to help ensure efficient automated application. 3M provides thermally conductive liquid gap fillers in pails and drums, and can provide them in cartridges for initial prototyping.

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Key benefits for xEV battery lifespan and durability

3M thermally conductive liquid gap fillers are developed specifically to maintain optimal temperature range and maximize xEV battery performance and life. They also provide high electrical insulation in xEV battery packs, and they deliver vibration damping to help protect xEV batteries against shock and mechanical damage. All 3M thermally conductive liquid gap fillers are silicone-free and isocyanate-free to help prevent electrical failure and replacement costs.


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