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Managing Noise, Vibration and Harshness in Automotive Interiors


You are about to discover that for auto interiors, quiet is a great place to start

The sound inside the vehicle is a big factor affecting passenger experience, as passenger experience becomes one of the biggest factors in automotive design. Sources of unwanted noise in the cabin are changing, especially in electric vehicles, where road noise is more noticeable over the silence of the engine. Effective noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) mitigation involves much more than just gap filling.

3M has taken this challenge to heart. Our technicians are studying, mapping and creating new acoustic solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles. We’re developing materials that help you meet specified decibel levels, and also adjust interior sound quality to help OEMs further differentiate passenger experiences. Explore below.

Sound Solutions

  • preinstalled headliner with 3M™ Engineered Damping Material
    3M™ Engineered Damping Material (EDM)

    Thin, flexible, conformable material delivers high NVH performance from smaller parts, at a much lower weight than traditional constrained layer damping materials. Featuring a low-density engineered stem web standoff layer, it damps structure-borne noise even in designs using lightweight substrates such as composites. Flexible, conformable, adhesive-backed and customizable, it installs more easily, cleanly and in more places vs. butyl or bitumen.

    3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1016

    3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1029

  • 3M thinsulate acoustic insulation used in a door pillar
    3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation

    High-performance acoustic material delivers absorption and heat stability with the potential to reduce weight compared to alternative materials. It features an internal web containing polyester (PET) fibers that add loft, strength and stability and extremely fine polypropylene (PP) fibers that allow for high-energy sound absorption. This material attaches easily using tape, ultrasonic welding, hot melt adhesive or mechanical fasteners.

    3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation TF Series (PDF, 149.3 KB)

    3M™ Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation TC Series (PDF, 197 KB)

Buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) is not welcome here

3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes
  • Two rolls of adhesive transfer tape

    Featuring pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be combined with a wide variety of interior materials including hard to bond plastics, metals and foams, these transfer tapes can be designed in or can be used as “quick fix” solutions for BSR mitigation throughout the automotive interior, including instrument panels and other thin, hard-to-reach spaces.

3M Double-Sided Tapes
  • yellow roll of tape

    Double-sided, acrylic adhesive tapes provide excellent bonds to a wide range of substrates – ideal for bonding dissimilar materials and for combined tape solutions in areas where BSR is a concern. Adhesives bond without curing and deliver excellent temperature and environmental resistance.

3M Reclosable Fasteners
  • vehicle headliner utilizing reclosable fasteners from 3M

    An excellent alternative to metal fasteners, these positive-locking blind fasteners feature mushroom-shaped polyolefin stems that snap together. They can be mixed and matched for a range of closure strengths, and hold their strength even under repeated use – in fact, they can be opened and re-closed up to 1000 times in high cycle applications.

3M™ Wire Harness Tapes
  • Preinstall of 3M wire harness tapes in headliner

    Double-sided acrylic sealing tapes feature excellent initial adhesion, heat resistance and durability compared to conventional butyl sealing tapes. They bond to rough or highly irregular surfaces and can be used for attachment support of low surface energy materials or bonding of impact relaxation materials, spacers, pads or sponges.

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Let's talk about interiors

Step Inside. Our 3M experts are dedicated to collaboration on the best solution for your unique challenges in automotive interiors. Let’s discuss how 3M material science solutions can help you meet your specifications.


Meeting the challenges in automotive interiors

  • Learn more about bonding & joining

    Bonding and Joining

    Effectively bond challenging or dissimilar materials in more places inside the vehicle. 3M provides single-coated, double-coated, thin bond and wire harness tapes, hot melts, reclosable fasteners and more.

  • Learn more about thermal management

    Thermal Management

    To enable passenger comfort and utilize power efficiently, thermal management is a key element in interior design. 3M thermal insulation, engineered films and other solutions are up to the challenge.

  • Learn more about lightweighting


    Creativity without the weight – 3M solutions can enable the bonding of lighter materials in automotive interiors, replace metal fasteners and even allow for the production of plastic parts without heavy fillers.

  • Learn more about EMI

    Electromagnetic Interference

    3M applies decades of electronics experience in the increasingly electronic environment of the vehicle interior. Our shielding, blocking and EMI absorption solutions deliver low and stable contact resistance and maintain consistent performance even in tough environments.

  • Learn more about design flexibilty

    Design Flexibility

    Design a premium passenger experience, while keeping cost constraints in mind. Bond without mechanical fasteners. Meet the specific demands of the production line. That’s the freedom to exceed conventional limits in interiors.

  • learn more about light management

    Light Management

    Our films for effectively controlling light – natural light or light generated from LEDs, LCDs and backlights – make for comfort and a unique experience in the vehicle cabin.