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Wheel Balancing with 3M™ Wheel Weights


Wheel Balancing Solutions Overview

  • Smoother ride. Happier customers. Automotive manufacturers, tier balancers, and tire service centers around the world use 3M™ Wheel Weights to give their customers a balanced ride. Designed to be cut to weight to meet precision wheel balancing requirements, 3M™ Wheel Weights feature industry leading 3M™ Attachment Tape, which has been used for decades to securely attach a wide variety of trim accessory parts to millions of vehicles.


  • Speed Meets Precision for a Smoother Ride.

    Dramatically improve the speed, quality and cost of OEM high-speed tire balancing processes with the combination of the Esys Automation AutoW8t™ application system and 3M lead-free wheel weights for a leap forward in tire assembly and wheel balancing.

  • Balancing science and responsibility.

    Balancing your wheels is easier and faster than ever. The 3M™ Wheel Weight System frees up floor space and has reduced impact on the environment than the industry standard lead wheel weights. Designed for easy installation, the flexible, conformable material comes on a self-dispensing roll and is cut to size. To apply to the wheel, simply peel back the liner and press in place.

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