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Fall Protection Training Courses

Fall protection training anytime, anywhere

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  • When it comes to protecting your work site—no matter where it is—3M Safety Training offers a variety of fall protection classes, training and services to fit your needs. Our full range of fall protection, rescue and PPE training courses are offered throughout the year at our state-of-the-art training centers. In addition, we offer on-site fall protection training customized to the unique environment of your facility.

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    Open enrollment fall protection training

    3M Safety Training has a network of facilities across the U.S. including key facilities in Red Wing, MN, Houston, TX, and Orange County CA, designed to immerse the student in extensive hands-on experiences that will prepare them for the demands of your job sites. Our open enrollment fall protection classes are a great opportunity to mix with other safety professionals from across industries while receiving industry-leading safety training. Enroll online today or call for additional information.

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    On-site fall protection training

    Train your team in their own environment with our on-site fall protection training. We’ll send an experienced trainer along with all the necessary gear to provide you with world class safety training, avoiding the disruption of sending your workforce to another location. Choose from our entire portfolio of course options or work with us to modify as needed for your specific requirements.

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    Watch our free fall protection videos

    “Thinking About Fall Protection” is an eleven-part educational video series designed to give an overview of the basics of fall protection. The series covers the ABCD’s of fall protection, at-heights fundamentals, fall clearance calculations, and types of falls and hazards. The video series is not a substitute for certified fall protection training, but does provide an excellent introduction to the topic.

Fall Protection and Worker Safety Courses

Our fall protection and confined space training classes teach you proper usage, inspection, and maintenance of all parts of a fall arrest or confined space system, while our rescue classes provide hands-on training so you are ready when you find yourself in a rescue situation. Learn more about each of the courses we offer or look at the available classes below and sign up today

Thinking About Fall Protection Video Series

Gain an introduction to the core concepts of fall protection in our free 11-part online video series.

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    Our Instructors

    3M has a dedicated team of experienced instructors around the world.  Our U.S. trainers come from backgrounds including fire service, search and rescue, occupational health and safety, law enforcement, and military service. 

    We also have knowledge and expertise in oil and gas, transportation, construction, utilities, mining and many other industries, enabling our instructors to optimize the training experience for your workers. At our site or yours, our instructors deliver quality training focused on learner engagement, knowledge retention, and practical hands-on exercises.

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    Worldwide Training Facilities

    We offer a broad curriculum of courses in our training centers around the world, from fall protection and rescue to specialty courses for a particular trade or industry. Many facilities also offer on-site training options that bring our experienced trainers and comprehensive programs right to your facility. At our site or yours, our experienced instructors deliver quality training focused on learner engagement, knowledge retention, and practical hands-on exercises.