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  • 3M Certified Graphics Installers

    3M Certified Graphics Installers

    The 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company program, in its 10th successful year, is administered for 3M by the United Applications Standards Group (UASG). Companies with this distinction are recognized by 3M and UASG for not only their installation skills/knowledge, but also their sound business practices.

    Certification includes:

    • Carrying liability insurance
    • Meeting certain business requirements
    • Passing a rigorous hands-on and written test by at least one employee in the company
    • Commitment to ensuring employees follow proper company policies and 3M installation procedures

  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer

    3M Preferred Graphics Installer

    The 3M Preferred Graphics Installer program accredits individual installers for their installation skills and knowledge.

    Accreditation includes:

    • Carrying liability insurance
    • Passing a rigorous hands-on and written test
    • Commitment to follow proper 3M installation procedures