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Construction worker at a dusty construction site.
A new standard for protection: OSHA Silica Regulation Update.

The new OSHA exposure limit to respirable crystalline silica means you have to make sure your workforce exposures meet the new standard.

How will the OSHA silica regulation change affect your company?


Construction Safety Hazards

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Construction workers create great things — sometimes while working around great hazards. Head and eye injuries, hearing and respiratory hazards, falls from height and more. 3M offers integrated safety and health solutions designed to help you keep your employees protected and comfortable.

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Fall Protection for Construction

As your crew builds higher and higher, the need for effective fall protection grows greater. 3M Fall Protection offers the gear, training and know-how to help give construction workers confidence to perform their best.

  • Composite image of several pieces of fall protection PPE with worker
    ABCs of Fall Protection

    From Anchors to Body Support to Connectors, learn about the components of fall protection and how they work together.

  • Instructor inspecting connection on workers harness
    Fall Protection Courses

    Gear is only part of the equation. Crews and their leaders need to know proper fall protection practices before starting the job.

  • Worker at height carrying lumber while wearing fall protection PPE
    OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces Rules

    The latest rules have been released. Learn more about what they mean for your business.

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  • Worker sawing cement at a construction site.

    Crystalline silica and construction site safety.

    Protect your construction team with tools, resources and PPE from 3M that help you meet the new exposure limit.

    Make sure your company meets the OSHA silica regulation change.

Learn more about key construction industry PPE.

3M Technical Service

3M has a world-class technical service team that can help with hazards assessment, onsite product demos and more.